Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Uncle Rube

The best thing about my foster home is my Uncle Rube.  I do everything with Uncle.  Well...I do wish he would play with me a little bit more than he does, but Nice Missis said that Uncle is an elderbull and that means he can play as little or as much as he wants.  And that's okay with me.  What Uncle lacks in play time he makes up for in teaching time.  He is very wise and knows a lot - and he has taught me so much!!!

Uncle has taught me how to wait patiently

Uncle has taught me how to ride in a sidecar

Uncle has taught me the best place to watch Nice Mister pick up poop from the back yard

Yep - me and Uncle are attached at the hip.


  1. You sure are a wonderful student, Possum! Very smart of you to learn so much from wise old Uncle Rube.

  2. You're very lucky to be attached at the hip to such a wise dog! It's very important for every dog to know where the best Poop Pickup observation spot is!