Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm an Auntie!

How did that happen, you ask??
Once upon a time, there was a mama dog and her three puppies.  Somehow they ended up wandering the streets - and then ended up in a shelter.  After a while the shelter didn't have room for them anymore and it was time for them to go - one way or another.  Gulp.  Just like me when I was in the shelter...

And just like for me, the nice people at BADRAP said they would make room for this mama and her babies.  Whew!!  Close call.  Mama and her babies have been staying at the Rescue Barn for a while - but taking care of that many puppies is a lot of work, so several BADRAP folks raised their hand to take care of a puppy, so the Mama didn't have to do all the work.

So, one of the puppies came to my foster home.  And that's how I became Auntie Possum*.
Here are a few photos of me and Oscar.  Nice Missis says I make a really good babysitter.

Tomorrow, Nice Missis says I'm going to have an operation to make sure I am only ever an Auntie - and never a mommy myself.  I think that's a good idea.  This one puppy is work enough!!!

*nice missis says auntie possum sounds like something she would order in an italian restaurant - whatever that is...


  1. You look like an excellent auntie--Oscar clearly loves your company! Good luck on your surgery! It won't be fun at first, but it's better than having lots of puppies and saggy boobies to prove it!

  2. Just precious creatures and priceless pictures. Thanks for the update. Keep them coming.