Sunday, February 19, 2012


Oh!  Oh my!  Are you looking at me??  Gosh - little ol' me??
My name is Possum - and I'm so lucky.  I'm lucky because some nice people at BADRAP said that I could come and live with them.  Before now I was living in a shelter in the Central Valley of California.  The people there were nice to me, but they said that they didn't have room and that I couldn't stay there anymore...that's were the luck comes in.  You see, BADRAP had a foster home that didn't have a foster dog in it - and now it does.  ME!!
Nice Missis and Nice Mister in my foster home have told me I won't live here forever and ever - but that I can live here as long as it takes for my forever family to find me.  Until they do I'll write down some stuff about my life here - so they can know all about me when we finally meet.

Hi Nice Interwebs People - nice to meetcha!!!


  1. You are beautiful! I hope your fur-ever family finds you soon!

  2. Beautiful Dog. Wishing you a wonderful, loving home soon. Just a precious dog.